Thursday, December 16, 2010

Runway 101 Finale Night

The moment has arrived when Runway 101 Finale started with all glitz and glamour and Bukit Damansara Community Hall. The opening act started by Inversion Dance Crew.





Here, we have Mademoiselle Shannon Goh to be our lovely, bubbly and hilarious Emcee for the night. She later invited Cdr Anthonysamy to give a short speech to the students of HELP University College.




Introducing our judges from left : Amir Luqman, Hans Isaac, Andrea Fonseka and Andrew Tan


The moment we have been waiting for, the girl strut their stuff on the runway. Can they talk the talk and walk the walk? Let’s find out!


Beautiful dresses by designer Amir Luqman

IMG_5641 IMG_5655 IMG_5677 IMG_5687 IMG_5548 IMG_5562 IMG_5580 IMG_5589 IMG_5597 IMG_5608 IMG_5622 IMG_6151




Here we have Evening Dresses by Oscar Ng

IMG_5993 IMG_5988

IMG_5785 IMG_5807 IMG_5819

IMG_5835 IMG_5847 IMG_5859 IMG_5868 IMG_5883 IMG_5889 IMG_5903 IMG_5922


I am sure everybody wants to know who is the winner of Runway 101. Now put your hands together and welcome:

Most Favourite Model Vote By Audience


Melanie Teo



Best Photoshoot Model Mikko Tan



Winner of Runway 101 Season 2

Symren Kaur

She gets to walk away with RM1000 cash, voucher by Crocs worth RM129, a photoshoot portfolio by Baddogz Studio worth RM650, RM2500 voucher by Amir Luqman.



Thank you for following Runway 101 Season 2.

We welcome any suggestion for Runway 101 Season 3. Interested? Drop us an email

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Making Of Runway 101 Finale



9.00am (10 more hours till Runway)

The committees assembled at Bukit Damansara Community Hall to prepare for the whole thing



11.00am (8 More hours Till Runway)

Building the 36 feet length and 8 feet witdh runway stage

12.00 Noon (7 More Hours Till Runway)

Committees is working from 9 till now to prepare the whole hall. Girls arrived and resting in the hall after the tiring class.


  IMG_3994IMG_4005 IMG_4019IMG_4523  


1.00pm (6 More Hours Till Runway)

Runway Stage Complete! Open Ceremony By Sara, Dennis, Charissa.


Finalists are given tips on how to walk on the Runway by Shannon Goh


Then she showed it to them how to catwalk.

Step 1 : Confident


Step 2: Walk with Attitude


Step 3 : Create Your Signature Walk






Girls had their own turn to walk on the runway.


1.30pm ( 5 Hours and 30 Minutes Till Runway)

Finalists are practiscng really hard to prepare for the big night



3pm (4 more hours till Runway)

Call time for Hair & Make Up

IMG_4440  IMG_4664 IMG_4669 


IMG_4895 IMG_4889 IMG_4684


5pm (2 More Hours Till Runway)

Everyone is getting ready!


7.30pm (Runway 101 Finale Starts)

Arrival Of Guests


Curios to know how did the night go? Come back for more stuff! Stay Tuned!

Are You Looking Forward to See Runway 101 Season 3?


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